"Correct and rising: That’s culture"
Joan Fuster


The Industri.Art project borns thanks to a many projects that the Council of Culture of the City of Alcoy carried out for the different cultural sector during the health crisis produced by Covid-19.

During that time, visual artists were affected by this situation, as most of the scheduled activities, exhibitions, fairs and sales were canceled. That’s why the objective of this project was clear: help artists to visualize and commercialize their works.

This is how the web platform Industri.Art was created. Nowadays is a space where the authors themselves can promote their work. It currently has more than 80 artists and 900 artistic works divided by sections: graphic work, unique work and the new implementation of offers and #specials.




Raül Llopis i Palmer
The Culture Concillor of  Alcoy Town Council 




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