"Improve and Rise: That’s culture"

Joan Fuster


The Industri.ART web platform project was established thanks to a series of initiatives developed by the Council of Culture of the City of Alcoy for various cultural sectors during the health crisis caused by Covid-19.

During the crisis, the art sector was severely impacted since their scheduled activities, exhibitions, fairs, and sales were completely cancelled. This is the reason this project emerged with a clear goal: to assist artists to display and market their works. 

That is the purpose of the web platform Industri.Art: a space where artists and authors publicize, promote and market their work directly.
Currently, more than 80 artists participate in this project with 900 artworks featuring graphic artwork, original artwork, serial art, and the new implementation of offers and #specials.

We are aware of the relevance of the arts and culture as part of the development of society and we are committed to continuing working for its enrichment. 


Raül Llopis i Palmer
The Culture Concillor of  Alcoi Town Council 




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