Ariadna García

Ariadna García

Ariadna Garcia Sanfélix. Bèlgida, Vall de Albaida, 2001.


From an early age, the arts captivated Ariadna entirely. It was not until she was sixteen that photography became her form of expressing herself, although her first contact with photography was at twelve when she got her first camera.

In 2019, she started a degree in photography at the Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de Alcoy.

Despite being a new professional photographer, she participates in renowned collective publications such as the "Tiempo Detenido, Memoria Fotográfica del Confinamiento".

Curated by Eduardo Nave and edited by PHOTOESPAÑA, this publication counted with the participation of photographers of national recognition as Isabel Muñoz, Carlos Spottorno, Estela de Castro, and Manu Brabo.

Currently, she is constantly on a search for sensitive and delicate images with which to empathize; so the viewer may recognize and reflect on his story and reality beyond the image.


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