Ignacio Trelis

Ignacio Trelis

Ignacio Trelis was brought up in a family with a deep love and taste for art, and he has always been profoundly attracted by painting and particularly to the Spanish school in Rome. 

The figure of the Reus painter Mariano Fortuny has been and continues to be his greatest exponent and example, and he is considered to be a faithful devotee and supporter of this artistic modality or current that occurred between the 19th and 20th centuries.

He continued his studies in different academies of local painters, one of his teachers being the painter Paco Barrachina, with whom he has a lasting friendship.

Ignacio Trelis has to be defined as a self-made painter, who has found his style based on his studies and research of techniques and models of fine art.

Today this research leads him to cover aspects of a certain abstraction, together with the most realistic figurative art, obtaining a work of a personal and unique character in the current situation.


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