The new edition +HÉROES of INTRAMURS 2022 features the visual artist Jorge Sellés


The Intramurs international festival, for artistic experimentation in the Mediterranean, is positioned as a benchmark for the most avant-garde artistic proposals, to be the place to experiment with risky and participatory projects. An essential event for artists with pioneering proposals, a showcase for new artistic behaviors, where disciplines merge and complement each other. An expanding project that hybridizes diverse management/production formulas to innovate in the arts and culture, where strategic and communication processes are developed that promote social responsibility in the company and citizen participation.



Intramurs is a consolidated project, unique in its format and pioneer for its interdisciplinarity and transversality, generating in each edition:

- New experiences and emotions for everyone who participates, whether public or artist.
- New relationship spaces, activating empty lots, streets and city squares for ephemeral urban interventions or as temporary settings for live arts.
- Innovation and creativity between different economic and social sectors.
- Recovery of the origins, linking them to the new global reality of a multicultural nature.
- Cultural connections with different Mediterranean cities.
- A focus of multidisciplinary artistic attraction that improves the image of Valencia as a cultural destination.
- Social fabric through the promotion of local artists and groups that are put in contact with national and international guest artists.
- An interdisciplinary approach between the arts, which translates into ferment for the creation of new audiences.



For this new edition of 2022, entitled +HÉROES, whose motto is "We need fewer artists and more heroes", a quote taken from the famous statement by the international performer María Abramovic: "Right now, we need heroes; fewer artists but more heroes. Our planet needs uncorrupted heroes with morality, who embody courage and bring real change. Every day is an unstable, uncertain and constantly changing landscape", the organization and management team, led by its coordinator Salvia Ferrer, has counted on the invaluable creative contribution of the international visual artist from Alcoy Jorge Sellés to shape and content the promotional kick-off of the event together with his participation, with an original and unpublished work for the occasion, in the official Audiovisuales & Sinergias section in the Teatro HOT Showroom in Valencia. 



For Jorge, this is his second official intervention at the festival, since he participated in the previous 2018 edition "#Atòpic", leaving his peculiar artistic mark through his vibrant and impressive audiovisual loops throughout the exhibition territory, social networks, and media. digital, forming part of the final design of the graphics of the chapter dedicated to Intramurs 2018 of the cultural and contemporary art program Metrópolis de La2 (RTVE).



The confirmed dates of the event will be from November 18 to 20, 2022 in all the available spaces in the city of Valencia (Spain).



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