The 3rd Edition of the ALC VideoArt Festival 2022 in Alicante features the artist Jorge Sellés Domínguez


The 3rd Edition of the International Video-Art Festival ALC VideoArt Festival 2022 in the city of Alicante will feature the audiovisual artist Jorge Sellés Domínguez. Among the more than 1,700 international works presented from 100 different countries, the jury has considered including his work "Sniffing 2.0 (Around Hyperspace)", an effervescent odyssey in the format of a 2D experimental short film of digital photo sequences made at a stop -motion and inspired by the satirical sonnet "A man with a big nose", written in the seventeenth century by the Spanish writer Francisco de Quevedo parodying the nose of the Spanish poet and playwright Luis de Góngora.



It should be noted that this piece has been created entirely with free video, image and sound editing applications with a smartphone and a tablet with Android operating system during the last confinement of March 2020 due to Covid-19 and reissued for the occasion in 2022.



In this new edition, the management team led by international artists and art curators Santiago Delgado and David Delgado, have opted for an unprecedented staging as a whole that is broader, more dynamic, more participatory and more visible, with the exhibition spaces of the Las Cigarreras Cultural Center, the MACA (Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante), the Pozos de Garrigós (Museum of Waters of Alicante) and various urban locations for the exhibition and projection throughout the city of Alicante.



The Festival is divided into two main sections: MUSEOVERSE (Pozos de Garrigós and MACA) and MUTEDOM (public spaces). All the works will also be kept as part of the Video Art Collection of the Las Cigarreras Cultural Center and a shorter selection of 15 videos of the total will receive a Special Mention curated by Santiago Delgado to be exhibited in a second phase in a singular place for its projection in the city of Alicante.



Together with Jorge Sellés, the artistic representation of Alcoy will be made up of the NEIRO Collective, a multidisciplinary creative duo formed by the artist from Alcoy Nacho Pascual and the artist from Alicante Laura Cuenca with their video art work "Electromagnetics at an Exhibition", also selected.

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