Jorge Sellés will commission the audiovisual multimedia area of the next edition of the Multidisciplinary Festival FIC Villena 2023


The multidisciplinary festival FIC - Frente de Iniciativas Contemporáneas of the city of Villena (Spain) strengthens its commitment to the arts and culture with a new installment that is committed to quality, specialization, projection and visibility of both national professional artists and international creators of reference.


The management, organization and curating team made up of Pepe Ayelo, Helena Ferrando, Ana Esteban, Andrés Leal and Jorge Sellés combine effort and passion to work together with a single common goal: to vindicate the role of the creator in the cultural development of the community defending risky cultural proposals that are outside, or at the extremes, of cultural marketing. Demonstrations that maintain the essence of innovation and development as a premise to promote and reinforce identity in the ways of thinking, feeling and acting through creative and artistic expressions born of concern, knowledge and experience to enrich our social fabric.

The approach to approach and show the various and different current subjects of digital art and new media, channeled and reconciled by Jorge Sellés from Alcoy, will be made up of outstanding creative personalities and world leaders, each in their professional field. The generous contribution to carry out, with honesty, dignity and singularity, the cause of the project will be borne by the audiovisual multimedia artists Stefan Larsson known by AUJIK (Sweden / Japan), Nicole Kouts (Brazil / Portugal), Dirk Koy (Switzerland), Dagmar Schürrer (Austria / Germany), Iury Lech (Ukraine / Spain) and Yoshi Sodeoka (Japan).


The curation of the multimedia audiovisual artistic cast will reach its climax with the eclectic and combative performance of the creator of electronic musical compositions ABRAXAS, an artist born in Alcoy (Spain) and member of the electronic group WANB (We Are Not Brothers) with an irrefutable track record of dedication and talent and bold and incisive in the search for paths to find new horizons of vital experiences.



Dancing as an act of rebellion”, the first LP of this artist's ambitious project as a solo musician, in collaboration with the Valencian label Soil Records, which will make us vibrate and not leave us indifferent together with the staging designed and executed by ScreenWarriors Collective, acclaimed masters of visual and lighting ceremonies and faithful partners of the production team of ABRAXAS and WANB.







From October 18 to 22
KAKV - House of Culture
Villena (Spain)











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