Jorge Sellés will participate in the International LIFT-OFF Global Network / Pinewood Studios 2023 Festival

The artist Jorge Sellés has been selected to participate in the official competition section in the category of independent international short films (new creative talents) of the LIFT-OFF Global Network International Festival whose main headquarters, constituted and located in the British film and television studios Pinewood, is located in west London on the estate of the Victorian country house Heatherden Hall in the town of Iver Heath in Buckinghamshire county (England, United Kingdom).

The LIFT-OFF corporation was founded in 2010 and is considered, equally and universally by the specialized media, as one of the main networks for the exchange of exceptional and potential talent through film storytelling. The International Film Festival of the same name, which represents this entity and promotes values for the advancement and development in cinematographic matters and areas, is recognized as a global support, responsible, sustainable and non-profit initiative.

Its purpose is focused on giving visibility and providing opportunities to filmmakers and creative professionals committed to the audiovisual sector itself and its related disciplines who make original and unique stories, inviting reflection on the union and link between the set of characteristics and present circumstances. in the current paradigm (functionalist and coexistence) and the reciprocity and response (derived from the perception, influence, study and action in the synthesis of social belonging and non-social existence) of the individual with the world that favors, to through the relationship between their peers, its realization allowing and guaranteeing the perpetuity of culture.

The launch season for new and established talent includes a series of globally interconnected competitions with multiple different events for showcase and promotion supported by an international platform of members defined and consensually constituted as a multi and intercultural active unit of exchange and sharing of knowledge and experiential learning that operates, conceived and projected to be an effective and efficient tool for improvement, on a system of networks in virtual and face-to-face environments.


Event Date: Starting January 16, 2023

Annual release season: online projections and networking sessions for a month in each venue-capital city

Exhibition locations: Berlin - Tokyo - Manchester - New York - Toronto - Los Angeles - Austin - Amsterdam - Paris - Sydney - Melbourne - London


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