Jorge Sellés represents Spain at the EXPERIMENTA International Video Art Exhibition in Porto (Portugal)

The international artist Jorge Sellés has been selected to represent Spain in the International Video Art Exhibition in the city of Porto (Portugal).

EXPERIMENTA / TRANS•FORMA Special Program 2024, is a video art exhibition that is based on the approach to digital experimentation in its technological renewal, for the creation of new contemporary narratives, as a source of expansion of audiovisual culture, in the creation of recent possibilities in the transformation of audiovisuals as a means of expression and creation of current forms of communication in the moving image and its connection with sound, to address different concepts, where conceptual and formal technical research is essential to reach an experiment with results relevant to our time and concrete in their communication, resulting in new approaches within new narratives, in the composition of contemporary audiovisual culture.

EXPERIMENTA - Audiovisual Transformation, presents a dynamic and fresh appreciation of the current creator, who shapes new paths of contemporary expression, in creation through audiovisual transformation from an open creative field, allowing the mixing and connection of different techniques, approaches , languages ​​and ways of representing, and communicating, offering as a result, varied audiovisual works, which enrich the show, with the individual exploration of its creators.

The event takes place in the Átrio do Infante of the Universidade Portucalense UPT, from June 6 to June 26, 2024, directed and curated by Professor and Doctor Hernando Urrutia.

The official selection of the exhibition is represented by Alessandro Amaducci (Italy), Michiel van Bakel (Holland), Jorge Sellés (Spain), Eduardo Medina known as ESSTRO9 (Mexico), Mohamadreza Tazari (Iran), Muriel Paraboni (Brazil), Pedro Ferreira (Portugal and Germany), Salvatore Delle Femmine (Italy) and Pablo Martín Córdoba (Argentina and France).

Without a doubt, this cultural initiative, beyond superficiality and markets, lies in the importance of visibility and support in the creative and innovative contribution of Arts and Culture on the consequence of the technological digital transformation in the global crisis and the current economic and social paradigm. A crucial proposal of awareness and commitment for advancement, development, stability and, above all, balance between society and nature. Making the invisible visible by providing a way to express and explore individual emotions and experiences that stimulate the imagination, improve the capacity for empathy and promote the understanding of new and different perspectives and realities.

Fear and lack of common sense and material individual selfishness, as excuses, are only exceptions that do not confirm any rule when the possibilities and opportunities for growth and progress are only a decisive question of our vital space-time.

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