Jorge Sellés will participate in the Swiss International Festival Animation LAD 2022

The visual artist Jorge Sellés has been selected to participate in the 2nd Edition of the International Animation Festival LAD 2022 - LUGANO ANIMATION DAYS. The LAD festival in the Italian Swiss city of Lugano has a direct link with the Swiss-Italian Animated Film Association GSIFA and the International Animation Association ASIFA.

The Swiss-Italian Animated Film Association GSIFA was born from the desire and need of a group of Swiss and Italian animated film professionals and enthusiasts to deepen and share knowledge related to the world of animation in all its forms and techniques. Italian Switzerland has a memorable past in its DNA in this sector and it is precisely, taking advantage of the roots and the sap of this fertile heritage, that GSIFA aspires to continue building solid foundations for the future of animation in its territory together with a transversal strategy international projection key. The main objective of the association is to share experiences and knowledge among specialists in the area of the audiovisual discipline of animated film. To this end, the entity encourages debates among members and regularly organizes workshops and seminars in which external professionals also participate.

On the other hand, the International Animation Film Association ASIFA was founded in 1960 in the French city of Annecy as a group of independent animation artists. Currently, ASIFA can be described as an international network entrenched in the professional segmentation of platforms specialized in experimental animation cinema, developing their own local identities and activities that seek to break away from conventionalism and explore new ways of dealing with creative film processes, without neglecting the traditional field.

The corporation has evolved and adopted many different new activities since its inception. During the first decades, he was actively involved in launching the world's first animation festivals (Annecy, Zagreb, Hiroshima, Espinho, etc.) to promote this art, as well as in establishing the first international print magazine on animation.

ASIFA is at the forefront of the International Animation Day, which is celebrated every October 28, facilitating the exchange of films around the world and promoting the celebration of the art of animation in each locality with its own identity and commitment, and in the main world capitals that continue betting on this discipline in its different modalities: purest traditional, renewed hybrid and evolved digital assisted and generated entirely by computer.

The association is the driving force behind the International Animation Workshop Group (AWG), organizing educational activities for children worldwide, and the forerunner of the ASIFA Award, founded in 1985, which is awarded annually to outstanding personalities as international recognition who have supported and contributed notably to the art of animation. It is also affiliated with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), fostering international peace and universal respect by promoting collaboration between nations.

The celebration of LAD 2022 - LUGANO ANIMATION DAYS, will take place from next Thursday, October 27 to Sunday, October 30 at the prestigious and versatile multi-space complex Teatro, Agorateca e Spacio FOCE in the city of Lugano (Switzerland), where the selected experimental audiovisual work will be screened by Jorge Sellés in the main cinema and theater halls, within the official program of the festival in the category of international short films in competition SATURDAY NIGHT LAD 2022.



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